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  • TL(R) Series FGD Pump

TL(R) Series FGD Pump


TL(R) Desulfurization Pump

1. TL(R) Desulfurization pump is specailly used in coal fired thermol power plants and steel plants for flue gas desulfurization system. Capacity: 0~12000m3/h, Head: 0~35m.

2. Uses replaceable carbide lined or rubber lined double pump shell structure, with good wear and corrosion resistance, high reliability.
3. Efficient hi chrome alloy impeller.
4. Oil-lubricated, high-capacity bearing assembly.
5. Seal cartridge mechanical seal used, long life, low maintenance.
6. Pump-driven machine with direct-coupled design.

1. long life wearing parts
2. bearings, mechanical seal and long life
3. easy maintenance
4. Low operating costs
5. high reliability

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