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Tips for quick repair of slurry pump wear

Nov. 30, 2019

Slurry pump refers to a machine that converts electrical energy into the kinetic and potential energy of a medium by increasing the energy of a solid and liquid mixed medium through the action of centrifugal force (the rotation of the pump's impeller).

The problem of slurry pump wear is very common. It is mainly caused by solid particles hitting the flow part during the conveying process. Long and repeated impact friction between the two causes the pump body to be damaged. Due to the continuous rotation of the impeller, the fluid is continuously discharged and sucked in, forming a continuous work. Overflow parts of the slurry pump are subject to hard-point erosion and abrasion in the high-speed slurry. Sometimes the slurry contains a large amount of acidic substances, and under the combined effect of cavitation and corrosion, the slurry pump is severely worn and corroded, causing failure.

Because the cost of the slurry pump is high, when the fixed equipment becomes a consumable, it will bear a higher cost burden on the user. In order to control production costs, many centrifugal pump manufacturer need to repair the slurry pump. However, because the material of the slurry pump is high chromium alloy, it is not suitable for surfacing repair. Due to the above reasons, the user is eager to find a material to repair the used pump. Scraped parts to reduce running costs.

Suo Lei carbon nano polymer material is similar to a "cold welding" technology, which does not generate high temperature during online repair, protects the centrifugal heavy duty slurry pump body from damage, and is not restricted by the amount of wear during the repair process. Sole SD7400 product has excellent mechanical and physical properties after curing. The repair surface has the comprehensive advantages of high wear resistance, high heat resistance, high strength and corrosion resistance. In many cases, the repaired pump body far exceeds the use of new parts. Life, and the repair cost is only 1/3 to 1/5 of the new part, or even lower. And can be repaired repeatedly to avoid scrapping.

Tailing Slurry Pump

Tailing Slurry Pump

Technological process of repairing slurry pump volute on site

1. Remove the pump casing, place the pump casing in a container, put in an appropriate amount of water, and steam it to cook it to make the medium infiltrated with the metal material ooze out. Measure the pH value. If it is acidic, use an alkaline solution. And finally, rinse with an appropriate amount of clean water. If the site conditions are not available, a lot of clean water is needed, and the rinse time is appropriately extended and dried

2. Simple repair welding of the pump casing penetrating parts from the outside; sandblasting the internal abrasion parts, and it is required to meet the sand blasting standard of Sa2.5, blow clean, and clean with absolute ethanol;

3. Blend Soray SD3000 undercoating material until there is no color difference, apply it to the treated surface with a brush, make it thin and cover it completely;

4. Blend Soray SD7400 carbon nano polymer material until uniform and no color difference, apply on the surface of SD3000, and compact it firmly to smooth it.

5. After curing, the SD7400 product is ground and ground, and the matching parts with the impeller are ground according to the size requirements. To meet the requirements of assembly size, blend the Soleil carbon nanopolymer top coating material, scrape coating, leveling, and solidify the material to assemble and run.

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