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What Are the Advantages of Sludge Pumps?

Mar. 11, 2020

With the continuous development of the economy, the actual demand for sludge pumps in the industrial field continues to increase. It is understood that submersible sludge pumps are special equipment for secondary sewage treatment mixed liquid reflux and denitrification and denitrification. Can also be used for ground drainage, irrigation and wastewater treatment processes and recirculation and other places that require micro lift and large flow. So, what are the advantages of its equipment, and how much do you know? Let's listen to the sludge pump manufacturer's detailed introduction for everyone.

The submersible sludge pump has a compact structure, small size, light weight, simple operation and maintenance, convenient and fast installation, long service life, micro lift and large flow. This series of submersible sludge return pumps use stamped stainless steel submersible mixer as the pumping host. The impeller has a low speed and a specific speed of 1600, so the unit has a large flow rate and a very low lift (up to 0.5 meters). , Where the flow requirements are extremely high.

According to industry experts engaged in the research and development of sand pumps, sludge pumps have a large flow channel space between the return cylinder and the impeller, the gap is narrow, and the blades are swept back, making various types of media Solid particles, even fibrous debris that can be easily entangled, can be transported without hindrance as long as they can enter the suction inlet of the sludge return pump. The hydraulic model is designed with fluid analysis software, which has high hydraulic efficiency and high impeller and high The pole number submersible motor is directly connected, and the mechanical loss is small, which makes the submersible sludge pump unit extremely efficient.

Sludge Pumps

Sludge Pumps

What should be paid attention to when selecting the sludge pump?

At present, there are many types of pumps on the market. Sludge pumps are just one of them, and there are many sludge pump manufacturers. You should compare them when purchasing. The flow of concentrated sludge in water purification plants is generally not too large, the sludge concentration is high, and it contains fine particles. When the concentration process uses air flotation, a large number of air bubbles are present in the sludge. Here's a detailed introduction from industry experts.

The choice of sludge pump should also be adapted to the type of dehydrator. For example, when a plate and frame filter press is used, the pressure during the mud entering process changes from low to high, and the flow rate changes from large to small. From the current use of pumps, centrifugal pumps have a wide range of applications, but they have a larger shear force on the conveying medium. Screw pump or cam rotor pump should be used for condensed sludge from sewage treatment plant. Screw pumps are mostly eccentric single-screw pumps in sludge treatment systems of water purification plants, which are composed of stators, rotors, universal joints, drive units and racks.

According to industry experts from the research and development of sand suction pumps, there is a continuous interference contact between the screw pump rotor and the stator, forming a reliable seal line between the suction and discharge sides, so that the screw pump can not only High pumping pressure and self-priming ability, widely used in environmental protection, biological engineering, sewage treatment, mining, petrochemical, food, sugar making, pharmaceutical, papermaking, dyeing, construction, agriculture and other industrial sectors, etc. .

If you want to know more about sand suction pump equipment or purchase equipment, please go to Shijiazhuang Qiangli Pump Co., Ltd., which is a professional company engaged in the development and production of sludge pump equipment. In addition, the slurry pump provided by our company not only has high quality, but also has outstanding product performance and practical utility. It plays an irreplaceable role in the actual engineering construction field, so it is well received and trusted by the industry.

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