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Slurry Pump Installation Requirements

Oct. 21, 2020

(1) Inspection before installation

The slurry pump Expeller has been inspected and tested before leaving the factory. To ensure it is in good working condition, it must be installed correctly. Before installation, you should first check whether the model and parameters of the equipment are correct according to the "Packing List", whether the parts are complete and intact, and whether the technical data and quality certificates that come with the machine are complete. After verifying that it is correct, you should read the relevant technical materials in detail and master the relevant technical requirements and operating essentials before proceeding with the installation. Avoid blind operation.

(2) Installation and alignment of the pump

Horizontal slurry pumps should be installed using the secondary grouting method. After installation, the centerline of the unit should be consistent with the centerline of the foundation; the deviation of the center height of the unit from the design value should be no more than ±2mm, and the horizontal tolerance of the unit should be 0.1/1000.

For pump units with direct coupling transmission, the coaxiality of the unit is generally ensured by the alignment of the coupling. There are two ways to align the coupling:

One is to cooperate with a knife-edge gauge and a feeler gauge. Align the outer circle of the coupling with a knife-edge ruler to ensure that each pair of couplings is flush in all directions, and the maximum error δ should not be greater than 0.10mm. Check the gap between each pair of couplings with a feeler gauge. The maximum error Δ (Δ=δ1-δ2) should not exceed 0.10mm.

Another method is to use a magnetic dial indicator with a feeler gauge to align the coupling. Fix the magnetic dial indicator on the outer circle of one side of the coupling and turn the wheel, place the dial indicator probe on the outer circle of the opposite coupling, and watch the dial indicator's runout not greater than 0.15mm. The gap of the coupling is measured with a feeler gauge, and the maximum error should not exceed 0.10mm.

For belt-driven pump units, the parallelism between the pump shaft and the motor shaft should be ensured, and the belt pulley is usually used for alignment. If the center distance is small, you can use a straightedge to align the end face of the flat pulley. When the center distance is large, you can use the pull line to align the flat belt end face.

Horizontal Slurry Pumps

Horizontal Slurry Pumps

(3) Configuration and requirements of pump inlet and outlet pipe sections

①Suction pipeline

Suction pipe diameter: The suction pipe diameter should be the same as the inlet diameter of the pump or slightly larger than the inlet diameter of the pump. The principle is to avoid the cavitation of the pump and prevent the slurry from forming deposits in the pipeline.

Inlet gate valve: In order to facilitate the maintenance of the pump, a suction gate valve should be installed, the diameter of which is the same as that of the suction pipe. A telescopic joint should be provided between the suction port of the pump and the suction pipe to facilitate disassembly and assembly of the pump.

②Exhaust pipeline

Discharge pipe diameter: The discharge pipe diameter is related to the properties of the slurry and the sedimentation flow rate. In general, the discharge pipe diameter is equal to or slightly larger than the pump outlet diameter.

Outlet gate valve: The outlet gate valve should have the same diameter as the discharge pipe.

Pressure gauge: located on the straight pipe section between the pump outlet and the first valve.

③Precautions for pump pipeline configuration

When using a valve to adjust the flow, the regulating valve should be located at the outlet of the pump, and it is not allowed to use a valve to adjust the inlet pipeline to avoid cavitation.

(4) Pipeline configuration and requirements for shaft seal water and cooling water

The shaft seal part of the mechanical seal pump has two exposed pipe joints. The side where the pressure gauge is installed is the water inlet and the other side is the water outlet. No cooling water is added to the grease-lubricated bracket.

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