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Slurry pump common fault solution (on)

Nov. 14, 2019

The slurry pump belongs to the centrifugal pump from the working principle. It conceptually refers to a kind of machinery that increases the energy of the solid-liquid mixed medium by the action of centrifugal force (the rotation of the impeller of the pump), and converts the electric energy into the kinetic energy of the medium. Potential energy equipment. Mainly used in: mining, power plants, dredging, metallurgy, chemical, building materials and petroleum industries.

In the process of using the slurry pump, some trouble problems are inevitable. The following are several common faults and solutions.

First, the slurry pump can not start

First check the power supply: whether the connector is secure; whether the switch is tight; whether the fuse is blown; whether the three-phase power supply is equal. If there is a disconnection, poor contact, fuse blown, lack of phase, the cause should be identified and repaired in time. Secondly, it is checked whether it is the mechanical failure of the pump itself. The common reasons are: the packing is too tight or the impeller and the pump body are stuck by the debris; the pump shaft, the bearing and the leak-reducing ring are rusted; the pump shaft is severely bent. Remedy: loosen the packing, dredge the water tank; disassemble the pump body to remove debris and rust; remove the pump shaft to correct or replace the new pump shaft.

Second, the slurry pump does not turn

The solid hard deposits in the volute are fouled, and measures to remove silt can be taken.

Third, the centrifugal slurry pumps flow is insufficient

If the impeller or the inlet and outlet pipes are blocked, the impeller or piping can be cleaned. If the impeller is severely worn, it should be replaced. If the filling port leaks, the packing should be pressed.

The power speed of the slurry pump is not matched or the belt is slippery, so the rotation speed is low; the installation angle of the axial flow pump blade is too small; the lift is insufficient, the pipeline is too long or the pipeline has a right angle bend; the suction stroke is high; the bottom valve, the pipeline and Partial clogging of the impeller or impeller defect; serious leakage of the outlet pipe. Remedy: restore the rated speed, remove the belt grease, adjust the belt tightness; adjust the blade angle, reduce the pump installation position, shorten the pipeline or change the bending of the pipeline; seal the pump leakage, compact the packing; clear the blockage Replace the impeller; replace the leak-reducing ring and block the leak.

Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump

Fourth, the pump vibration, there is noise

There are five main reasons: 1. The density of the medium is not uniform. 2. Pump Installation is not level. 3. There is cavitation, which makes the impeller of the pump unbalanced. 4. The suction pipe inlet is not uniform. 5. The pump bearing clearance is large.

Fifth, the horizontal slurry pumps does not absorb water (no sizing)

There is air or water in the pump body, or the bottom valve is closed, the water is not filled, the vacuum pump packing is seriously leaked, and the gate valve or the door is not closed. If the leakage is not serious, apply cement in the place where the air leaks or leaks, or apply the cement slurry mixed with asphalt oil. Temporary repairs can be applied to wet mud or soft soap. If water leaks at the joint, the nut can be tightened with a wrench. If the water leaks seriously, it must be reassembled and replaced with a cracked pipe. Reduce the lift and press the nozzle of the pump into the water for 0.5m.

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