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Development and Selection Practice of Foam Pump

May. 06, 2020

At present, the foam pump used at home and abroad are centrifugal slurry pump, in the pump structure, mainly experienced the following pump structure. Froth pulp pump supplier to share with you:

1.1 ordinary horizontal centrifugal slurry pump

The ordinary horizontal centrifugal slurry pump generally adopts the AH series and ZJ series. ZJ series is a series of slurry pumps developed and designed by coal science and technology research institute co., LTD in the late 1980s. Because these two types of slurry pumps are widely used in slurry transportation in the concentrator, the technology is relatively mature, so at the beginning of the flotation foam pump selection at home and abroad, the use of this common centrifugal slurry pump instead of foam pump for foam slurry transportation. Because these pump structures are not designed specifically for the delivery of flotation foam, so in the actual operation, it often appears that the amount of conveying can not meet the design requirements, slurry pool overflow, and other phenomena.Application of horizontal slurry pump in the flotation process.

The use of ordinary centrifugal slurry pump as a foam pump, there are the following disadvantages: (1) in order to transport the larger air volume fraction of the slurry, must use a larger size of the slurry pump, in part of the air volume fraction of the large station, even if the pump is difficult to transport;(2) must be in the left of the efficient point of the region operation, slurry pump partial small flow operation is serious; The efficiency of conveying foam-containing slurry is obviously reduced, and the decrease of efficiency means the increase of energy consumption.

Although there are many common horizontal slurry pump is not suitable for flotation foam slurry transport shortcomings, but because of its simple structure, mature technology, cheap price, and many manufacturers can choose, so the mines are still in use.

Froth Pulp Pumps

Froth Pulp Pumps

1.2 vertical foam slurry pump

Because of the common horizontal foam pump in the delivery of foam slurry, often appear slurry transportation difficulties, slurry pool overflow phenomenon. In the 1990s, the AF series vertical foam pump began to appear, which is used for the transportation of flotation foam. Compared with the ordinary centrifugal slurry pump, vertical bubble pump has the following advantages: with a tangential into the mouth of the conical feeding box, foam slurry by tangential feeding mouth into conical feeding box, screw into the conical feeding units, at the bottom of the spiral into at the same time, equivalent to increase the foam slurry with the air contact time, is beneficial to the precipitation of the gas in the pulp; The semi-open impeller is used to increase the delivery capacity of air bubbles.

The vertical foam pump due to its structural limitations has the following obvious shortcomings: (1) the main shaft cantilever length, transport head by the critical speed limit; The use of a cone feed bucket, resulting in a large area; The stability of the equipment is worse than the horizontal pump, easy to produce vibration; Price higher than the horizontal pump; The pump flow part in the lower part of the conical barrel, resulting in maintenance is very difficult.

The vertical foam pump is used to transport the flotation foam, the conveying effect is better than the ordinary horizontal centrifugal slurry pump, but the effect is not obvious. On the contrary, due to its prominent shortcomings, in the actual production and application of problems prominent, so the current vertical foam pump has been phased out in domestic mines, has been gradually replaced by the common horizontal centrifugal slurry pump.

1.3 especially designed horizontal centrifugal foam pump

In the early 21st century, there were professional froth pulp pumps, which were very effective. This kind of foam pump adopts a specially designed horizontal centrifugal foam pump, which solves the problem of foam transportation difficulty of ordinary centrifugal slurry pump and fundamentally solves the transportation of foam slurry from the hydrodynamics hydraulic model. Specially designed horizontal centrifugal foam pump

This specially designed horizontal centrifugal foam pump for foam delivery has the following advantages: 1.(2) semi-open metal impeller with spiral compression function, retained the characteristics of the centrifugal impeller, has a higher transport head, and has the advantages of spiral blade, suitable for conveying high gas content pulp;(3) can be stable delivery, not because of the flow will lead to flow instability;(4) transport efficiency is obviously higher than other types of slurry pump, the energy consumption is relatively low.

At present, the foam pump with special design has become the first choice for flotation foam slurry transportation. This specially designed foam pump is used in the underflow transport of thickener in foreign mines. The screw blade performs a certain degree of shear action on the high concentration of slurry, which reduces the viscosity of the slurry and improves the transportability of slurry.




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