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You Must Know 27 Basic Knowledge Of Centrifugal Pump (Part 1)

May. 13, 2020

1. What is the main principle of the centrifugal pump?

High-speed motor to drive the impeller rotation, causes the liquid to produce centrifugal force, due to the effect of centrifugal force, the liquid was thrown into the side of the port discharge pump, the impeller or into the next level, so that the impeller inlet pressure is reduced, and the effect of formation pressure difference, the pressure of suction fluid pressure differential role within the liquid suction pump, because of the centrifugal pump rotation, the liquid is continuously by suction or discharge.

2. What are the functions of lubricating oil (grease)?

Lubrication cooling effect, washing effect, sealing effect, dampening effect, protective effect, unloading effect.

3. What three levels of filtration should the lubricating oil go through before use?

First stage: between the original lubricating oil barrel and the fixed barrel;

Level 2: between the oil drum and the oil pot;

Level 3: between the oil can and the filling point.

4, what is the equipment lubrication "five fixed"?

Fixed point: refueling according to regulations;

Timing: oil the lubricating parts according to the specified time, and regularly change the oil;

Quantification: refueling according to consumption quantification;

Quality control: select different lubricants according to different models, and keep the oil quality qualified;

Fixed person: each refueling site must have a person in charge.

5. What is the harm of water in the lubricating oil of the machine pump?

Water can reduce the viscosity of lubricating oil, reduce the strength of oil film, reduce the lubrication effect.

Water below 0℃ will freeze, seriously affecting the low-temperature fluidity of lubricating oil.

Water can accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil and promote the corrosion of metal by low molecular organic acid.

The moisture will increase the foaming property of the oil, making the oil-prone to foam.

Moisture can rust metal parts.

6. What are the maintenance contents of the machine and pump?

Conscientiously implement the post responsibility system and equipment maintenance and other rules and regulations.

Equipment lubrication to achieve "five fixed", "three filters", lubrication equipment integrity, clean.

Maintenance tools, safety facilities, fire equipment, etc. are in good condition and in good order.

7, common seal leakage standards?

Packing seal: light oil less than 20 drops/min heavy oil less than 10 drops/min

Mechanical seal: light oil less than 10 drops/min heavy oil less than 5 drops/min

10, why can't the centrifugal pump disk start when the car does not move?

Centrifugal pump disc does not move the car, the pump internal fault, the fault may be what impeller stuck or excessive bending of the pump shaft, or the dynamic, static part of the pump rust dead, or the pump pressure is too high. If the pump disk does not move the car and forced to start, the strong motor force to drive the pump shaft forced to move, will cause damage to the internal parts, such as pump shaft fracture, distortion, impeller broken, motor coil burned, may also make the motor trip, failure to start.

11. What is the function of sealing oil?

Cooling sealing parts; Lubrication friction pay; Prevent extraction damage.

12. Why should the standby pump be rotated regularly?

There are three functions of periodic spinning: preventing the internal scale of the Centrifugal pump China from getting stuck; Prevent deformation of pump shaft; The pan can also take the lubricating oil to each lubrication point, to prevent the shaft from rusting, the bearing is lubricated to facilitate the emergency state of driving immediately.

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